Our history

The roots on which our tomorrow grows

First Open House in Canalair

During the first Open House in Canalair a live presentation was given and streaming of the Cyber Filter PRO: the dynamic, very high efficiency filter intended for the Airlaid sector and for Diapers production lines.


Patent obtained for the DualBlade℗ dust extraction and removal systems

In 2021, the patent was achieved for the DualBlade℗ dust extraction and removal systems; this consolidates the Canalair brand on the reference markets and offers greater visibility on a market where the company has manufactured 2,500 systems around the world.

Bergamo struck hard by the pandemic

In 2020 we worked in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic: the area around Bergamo was particularly affected. The spirit of sacrifice and unbeatable courage of our human resources allowed the company to continue production to meet our commitments. To date, we have produced over 150 specific systems in the Nonwoven sector with hygiene-health applications in close collaboration with the leading world players.

Consolidated synergy and new logo

In 2019, the technological and commercial synergy of Canalair and TKWM led to a revamping of the logo and corporate image. The company has always orientated towards engineering development focusing on revolutionary processes.
The ENGINAIRING payoff intends emphasising the combination of utmost attention to the role of air as an engine and its engineering definition: and here you have the new company leitmotiv.

First Cyber Filter PRO

In 2019, the first Cyber Filter PRO in the history of Canalair was installed.

New headquarters in Ponte Nossa

Canalair relocated by moving its headquarters to the new building in Ponte Nossa (BG), thereby obtaining improved operation and logistics efficiency.

Canalair encounters Teknoweb Materials

Canalair began a partnership with Teknoweb Materials (TKWM), the company with which it began its Airlaid sector journey, leading to the development of innovative applications increasingly targeting energy savings and production optimisation. The now consolidated collaboration was sealed with TKW Materials joining the company.

Renovation and industrial reorganisation

In 2012, Canalair began a renovation process to expand the service options and further develop after sales solutions.
While maintaining its core business in the Nonwoven and textile area, Canalair began exploring new horizons, such as the pharmaceutical sector, the packaging and paper industry.

New headquarters in Cazzano S Andrea

Canalair moved its headquarters to Cazzano S. Andrea (BG), with more suitable areas for the new production requirements.

Development of solutions for the technical fabrics industry

With the advent of the new Millennium, Canalair decided to develop specific solutions for the Non Woven technical textiles market, achieving considerable success, particularly in the hygiene and medical products area.

Italian-Indian joint venture

From 2000 to 2010 Canalair developed in India and Mexico: the first Italian-Indian joint venture, Canalair Air System Ltd, the second came with a branch office for Technical Support in Toluca.

European market

In 1996 foreign commercial development begin by entering the European market and excellent results were achieved in Russia.

Canalair was established

Canalair was founded in July 1991 as a company specialising in the design and manufacture of conditioning systems for textile and related sectors. It initially worked in the Biellese-based area, in the woollen mill and precious fabrics sector, in Bergamo in the cotton and plant fibres sector and in the area of Prato in the regenerated fibres sector.