Company overview

Canalair dimensions, designs, builds and installs complete systems for filtration, humidification, conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling in an industrial environment.

Strengthened by thirty years of experience (1991-2021) and stimulated by a great passion for engineering, the company constantly aims for innovation.

ENGINAIRING is our claim: air engineering in its most advanced definition, supported by the ability to interpret clients’ needs with customised and state-of-the-art solutions.

Canalair in numbers

In the last 5 years (2016-2021)

  • 35 Mil/€ – turnover generated
  • 60% – Export value
  • 221 – The number of systems manufactured
  • 1750 – Service interventions
  • 35 internal resources and 14 external collaborators

Organisation and team

Reaching our ambitious objectives is based on the ability and skills of a structure group of people.

For this reason, over the years Canalair has developed its company equipped with various departments to support specific needs and objectives

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    Engineering development of air systems, optimisation of mechanical and electromechanical components, Project Management, Project Engineering and support for the sales network.
  • R&D
    Area dedicated to research, development and manufacture of new products and innovative technologies.
    Identification of the target clients, understanding the needs of the reference markets, processing of communication strategies in line with the corporate mission, implementation of the sales plan, analysis, reporting, management and coordination by the Sales Manager and external agents, back office activities.
    Production of structural works, sheet metal works and components with Canalair design, assembly, quality control, electrical testing and software configurations.
    Department focusing on operating management of assembly technicians and specialists in mechanical, electrical, electronic start-up operations, start-up and commissioning. Management of after-sales activities such as support, routine and extraordinary maintenance.
    Operational management and definition of suppliers, organisation of transport in and out, control of conformity with international directives, packaging management.
    The administrative area deals with management of routine and extraordinary accounting, credit letters and payments and maintenance of relations with banking institutes.

Our markets

Canalair has always been present on foreign markets and, thanks to a vast and rooted sales network, today generates over 60% of its turnover on European and non-European markets, achieving a significant position in certain strategic sectors, such as:

  • Textile
  • Nonwoven
  • Converting & Packaging
  • Disposable
  • Other applications

Thanks to a vast sales network rooted in key segments, Canalair currently creates 60% of its turnover abroad, 30% of which is outside the European market.

Our system design

The technological solutions proposed by us constantly undergo a development and upgrading process, which has made them excellent from a qualitative and design point of view. Continuous improvement programs were applied to all products and complex systems manufactured by us, to increase efficiency and protection for the end clients’ benefit.

The technologies proposed by Canalair can be sub-divided into three main sectors.

Solutions for filtration and micro-filtration of the air, which include the following components:

  • Centralised automatic filter
  • Cyber Filter PRO
  • Pre-cyclone separator
  • Flat pre-filters
  • Static filter
  • Dust bagger
  • Jet Filter self-cleaning bag filter
  • Dust cyclone separator
  • Compact
  • Compact separator

Solutions for conditioning, humidification and dehumidification of the air:

  • ATU/ HVAC (prefabricated air treatment control units + Suspended semi-centralised units)
  • Low pressure saturated washer with water recirculation
  • High pressure saturated washer without water recirculation
  • High pressure, oversaturated humidification systems
  • SMART ventilation models
  • Customised management micro-processors
  • Cleaning Room

Custom and special solutions, meeting specific technical needs expressed by clients:

  • Sound-proofing systems
  • Filtration, processing and recovery of drainage water
  • Recovery, compacting and briquetting of dust and fibres from processing

To deal with the complex technical challenges faced by our clients, we propose highly customised solutions, not only relating to the product, such as:

  • Wrapping system
  • Quenching unit
  • Take up
  • Activa
  • Vacuum
  • Seasoning booth
  • Humidity recovery chamber

But also process related, with the intention of maximising production, such as:

  • Energy Saving and Energy Recovery system

The innovative integrated systems:

  • Cyber Filter
  • Cyber Care

The Dual Blade patented system for contactless dust removal