Canalair manufactures systems and assists clients in every phase of the design, also offering an after sales service.
As early as the sales pitch, Canalair deals with classification analysis and technical feasibility, involving all the relevant parties.

Feasibility studies



and manufacture

and testing

After sales


The air treatment technologies can be applied on various industrial systems, therefore this complex activity cannot be outsourced. In fact, it requires high technical-specialist skills, consolidated know-how and accredited experience, which can only be achieved over time and with significant experience.
Team Canalair conducts technical analysis and develops a economic proposal based on the data received from the client or obtained from on-site activities, such as inspections of the production lines.
The feasibility analysis includes comparison with numerous installations already implemented to identify proven and correctly dimensioned system design solutions for the specific production application.
Canalair professionals ascertain the sustainability of the investment, taking into consideration the entire life cycle of the product and its overall efficiency.
In the first phase, supporting and complementing consultancy, we offer additional, specialist services:

• Process engineering
• Process optimisation
• Optimisation of energy consumption and resources
• Risk analysis
• Classification of ATEX areas


Dedicated, internal staff are available, giving a considerable competitive edge, since they guarantee higher skills, rapid results and uniform execution.
The Canalair Technical Office is at the forefront of product definition from the initial phases. The different skills in this office allows every environment to be analysed in-depth to obtain tailor-made, unique solutions and high quality standards.
The Production Department consolidates the clients requirements with the most updated 3D system solutions, FEM and fluid-dynamic software.
The After Sales Department efficiently supports the client during the entire life cycle of the system covering all after sales services.


Canalair has for some time understood that competitive corporate edge also derives from efficient management of resources and time. This enables dealing with the individual aspects of each design, while at the same time maintaining an overall outlook.
Our project management activities guarantee objectives are achieved in compliance with quality standards, times and budget established by the client, with strict deadlines for each step.
Each project has a Project Manager with dedicated experience, who acts as the direct reference in all implementation phases of the work order up to its completion.


Since 1991, Canalair has been manufacturing its products internally thanks to its Production Department, which collaborates with the Technical Office to develop ambitious innovations and guarantee constantly enhanced processes and end products.
The Assembly Department, alongside that of production, conducts detailed checks to guarantee the highest quality standards.


Pre-commissioning, commissioning and installation activities are equally crucial steps: the technical team is coordinated by the Project Manager, who analyses and resolves any problems, to complete the project with utmost satisfaction for the end client.
All Canalair systems are activated by a qualified specialist, whose role is to perfect start-up based on the client’s requirements.

After Sales

Canalair offers an efficient after sales service during the entire life cycle of the system.
Thanks to a specialist technical team, Canalair can intervene at any time to meet the client’s needs through:

  • Annual Assistance Plans (PAAS)
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Servicing of pre-existing systems
  • Power Management (control and maintenance of heat recovery and distribution systems)
  • Remote Care (remote control and tele-service)
  • Water Care (quality control of the water inbound of the adiabatic humidifiers to avoid scale or bacterial colony formation)
  • Spare parts sales

Annual Assistance Plan (PAAS)

The air treatment systems are machines that work non-stop all year round to offer maximum productivity to the client. For this reason, Canalair pays utmost attention to correct routine maintenance using the Annual Assistance Plan (PAAS), which offers multiple benefits:

  • Specific maintenance booklet updated to system condition
  • Specialist labour
  • Original spare parts
  • 20% discount on spare parts
  • Freight ex client of material included in contract

Power Management

Power Management is a complete analysis service of electrical inefficiencies and results in drafting of a strategic plan to reduce them, to adapt the air treatment system to the new sustainability conditions outlined by legislation and the market. This permits reduced consumption and increased savings in a strategic and targeted manner. Power Management includes:

  • Power analysis (photography of the current system energy status)
  • Classification of consumption and major absorption points
  • Drafting of an intervention plan and defining its feasibility
  • Drafting a specific quote for the plan identified
  • Execution of works
  • Running test and start-up

Power Management can be applied to any air treatment system in a simple and efficient manner. The benefits are fairly immediate:

  • Low implementation costs of the intervention plan
  • Energy and financial savings
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Access to subsidised loans (e.g. white certificates)

Remote Care

Remote Care is the Canalair service that helps the client manage the system in the event of downtime to avoid a drop in production.

Activated on any system, Remote Care involves installation of an access card on the PLC: when necessary, the Canalair technician can connect remotely in a confidential and safe manner, via VPN technology. The specialist can therefore change the operating parameters and support any technicians on site.

The benefits of Remote Care:

  • Shorter reaction and intervention time
  • Situation immediately analysed and tested
  • Constant technical support
  • System operation supervision
  • Drastic reduction in system stoppages
  • Total privacy and safety

Water Care

Installations that produce water sprays, such as conditioning systems or hot water recirculation networks in plumbing-sanitary systems, are subject to bacterial load proliferation.

Water Care is the innovative system by Canalair to counter the formation of bacterial colonies, promoting the operators’ well-being and improving the quality of the products.

Water Care includes a disinfection unit composed of a radiation chamber with tubing of purest quartz, installed on the recirculation or spray ramp of the humidifier. The unit contains low pressure and high intensity UV lamps to destroy bacterial DNA by emitting ultraviolet rays (UVC).

Water Care can also be installed on pre-existing systems and offers numerous benefits:

  • Disinfection on-line system
  • No chemical and vapour agents
  • Better mechanical cleaning of the tanks
  • No specific staff training
  • System totally integrated, tested and safe
  • Little need for maintenance

Spare parts

The After Sales service allows the client to always have spare material available for his or her system, supporting the client to diagnose any problems and to select the right components.

Revamping systems

Canalair also deals with revamping and resetting the air treatment systems, using all critical components of the machine.

The experience and training of Canalair staff enables thorough and prompt adaptations of any system.

For this reason, Canalair has fine-tuned a certified test procedure that involves:

  • Analysis of the new “application life” of the machine and identification of the client’s needs
  • Mechanical testing
  • Overall electrical testing
  • Electrical-instrumentation testing
  • Software and automation testing
  • Filtration efficiency testing