BUSI – Single cylinder sock-knitting machines

Busi story starts in 1958 when it was established by Giovanni Busi and continues to be run by the second and third generation of Busi family today.

Then for over 60 years they have been producing single sock-knitting machines positioned in the Premium segment and being highly performing.

Type of socks that Busi machines can make: classic, patterned (up to 6 colours plus ground), sports, technical-sports, and medical with special solutions for graduated compression socks in classes 1, 2, 3.

The full range of products is divided into three lines, Gold line, Platinum line, Medical line, which really make the most demanding customers fully satisfied.

The Gold line includes superior sock-knitting machines for first-class socks for babies, children, women and men.

The Platinum line includes superior sock-knitting machines, that can make any kind of real sophisticated socks of the highest quality which are usually sold to end user getting high profit margins.

The Medical line includes our medical sock-knitting machines for certified-compression medical socks in classes 1, 2 and 3.

Advantages of Busi medical machines vs. medical machines available in the market:

  • True rib
  • Up to 5 pattern colours plus ground colour
  • Both sandwich terry and selected terry (this for Medical Terry model only)

Canalair is partner of Busi for suction systems for hosiery factories