Strengths and Characteristics

  • Filtration and micro-filtration system with high performance and low maintenance
  • Maintenance of thermo-hygrometric conditions to promote optimal up-time of line production
  • Positive pressure area condition in the surrounding environment to the production line/machine to avoid risks of contamination from external elements (insects/coarse dust)
  • Modules and dimensions from 20,000 m3/h (mod. 7/2) to 130,000 m3/h (mod. 10/8)


The Disposable production lines are characterised by a a significant volume of technological air directly coming from the process and, as a result, from the need to filter and maximise recovery of the product rejected from the line. For this purpose, it is therefore fundamental to apply a filtering system with high efficiency and long duration, which imposes structural and regeneration characteristics which greatly differ to the solutions in the traditional textile and nonwoven sectors.
The technical choice is therefore orientated towards development of the Cyber Filter PRO.

Cyber technology includes, other than dynamic filtration, the possibility of integrating treatment with a re-entry system of the extracted air volumes, to generate positive pressure on the production line and avoid contamination of the product due to external factors such as insects, dust and smog.
Specifically, this integration was called Cyber Care. The air system takes full advantage of all the thermal energy of the production process, thanks to the enthalpic residue of the air outbound of the Cyber Filter. The control unit enables recovery of the heat without using eternal energy sources, reducing costs.

Main parts

  • Cyber Filter PRO complete with stage 2 and 3 filtration module and setup for stage 4 insertion (HEPA)
  • Recirculation system in production of waste material from process
  • Recirculation and recovery system of waste dust from the process on pre-compacting and briquetting
  • Highly efficient ventilation system
  • Adiabatic humidifier systems produced via air washer use completely in stainless steel, saturated and high pressure without recirculation of drained water (to avoid bacteria formation)
  • Insertion of recovery systems for water lost from the humidification system and subsequent passage in the UV ray tunnel suitable for bacterial elimination and water sanitation
  • Cold exchangers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Electric box complete with automation and electronic instrumentation