Strengths and Characteristics

  • Zone-based humidity and temperature differentiation (work or monitoring)
  • Reduced treated air volumes
  • Guaranteed thermo-hygrometric conditions
  • Customised operating layout
  • No sound emissions in the production department


Wrapping System is a textile-based air application that limits the process air, using a forced intake and extraction system, therefore closely linked to the layout of the production room.
Circulation and air exchange will be particularly high in the vicinity of production machines, which are the real sources of heat and dust production.
To achieve maximum treatment performance we recommend using the recovery system (from the bottom), in order to create a treatment area mainly aimed at production machines.
Each frame is equipped with a special diffuser nozzle placed at a height appropriate for the area to humidify, dedust, cool or heat.
The relative humidity is controlled and regulated by electronic instrumentation designed to receive a monitoring and data logging system.
The filtration module is inserted inside the air conditioning unit to automatically capture the micro-dust contained in the intake air. By doing so, operators can work in functional and pleasant surroundings.

Main parts

  • Machine extraction box
  • Air supply diffusers

Intended applications and sectors

  • Textile department