Strengths and Characteristics

  • Efficiency and effectiveness of certified filtration
  • Possibility of accurate filtration of sub-micronic particles


The air to treat passes through the static filters, which collect the dust from their surfaces.
To avoid unpleasant clogging phenomena with risk of plant downtime and extraordinary maintenance, it is fundamental to choose one or more filtering membranes which can also be positioned consecutively.

Main parts

  • Filtering membrane
  • Frame
  • Membrane performance test system
  • Electric box

Intended applications and sectors

  • Wherever the need arises to reduce the concentration of dust and solid airborne material.
  • Cleaning room
  • Specific filtration

Performance and Dimensions

Comparison of efficiency between static filters and old filter media (according to EN779) and new technologies (EN 16890):

Class ISO ePM1 ISO ePM2.5 ISO ePM10 ISO Coarse
G1 >40%
G2 >70%
G3 >80%
G4 >90%
M5 5-20% 10-35% >50%
M6 20-40% 50-65% >60%
F7 50-65% 65-80% >85%
F8 65-80% >80% >90%
F9 >80 >90% >95%