The sound-proofing systems proposed by Canalair are:

  • silencers
  • sound-proof booths
  • special sound-proofing systems for conditioning and ventilation systems

Canalair booths are manufactured using sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panels in different thickness based on noise reduction requirements.

The panels are erected by a support structure, which facilitates its dismantling and allows easy access during routine or extraordinary maintenance activities.
Outside the sound-absorbent panels there is a plasticised, galvanised steel sheet, while the interior is manufactured using perforated or ironed sheet metal with high density sound-absorbing material placed between.

Assembly of the panels and the support structure is carried out using different materials and implemented with even surfaces, to ensure the support structure does not interfere with or get in the way of the panels. This guarantees balanced acoustic insulation by eliminating sound bridges.

The dimensions of the booth can be customised based on client needs and the type of design.
Canalair sound-proof booths greatly reduce acoustic pollution. Distribution membranes are installed inside, dimensions based on the result needed and composed of sound-absorbing porous material, appropriately protected against flaking.

Dynamic pressure recovery systems are installed for inbound air to obtain load loss on the air circuit at low impact.


The noise reduction modules proposed by Canalair vary in shape and size, since they are dimensioned according to noise level reduction needs.

The booths are suitable for all industrial applications, since they comply with the hygiene-health requirements outlined in Leg. Decree 81/08.

Strengths and Characteristics

Custom design and tailor-made solutions.


Canalair sound-proofing systems guarantee reduced acoustic pollution (even by 25dbA) based on the application and the sound emission frequencies.

Intended applications and sectors

The Canalair booths are suitable for insulating work zones or production machinery from particularly loud noise.

Performance and Dimensions



Spectrum without clearance L(A)eq = 175 dB(A)