Strengths and Characteristics

Differing from normal dust baggers, Jet Filter offers numerous benefits:

  • It keeps the installation area constantly clean
  • The unloading and variable pressure compacting screw prepares the recovered material for subsequent briquetting phase, pre-compacting it and unloading it in an inert form
  • Non-stop operation 24/7
  • Very flow pressure fluctuation to production machine
  • Dust and fibres recovery and compacting
  • Preparation of various dust recovery systems


The Jet Filter self-cleaning bag filter separates the solid particles from the air flow, allowing recovery for subsequent use to reduce production waste.

The air flow enters the low part of the bag filter and flows though it, outside to inside.
By doing so, the solid material deposits on the external surface of the bags, which are cleaned using compressed air jets during backwashing.

On reaching the correct pressure difference value between the clean side and the dirty side, it maximises the efficiency of system separation and recovery.

After the air flow has been purified of dust, it is conveyed inside the sleeves towards the exit and is then released into the atmosphere or returned to the process.

Main parts

The Jet Filter dust separator with automatic emptying is composed of:

  • An expansion crate and filter bags support in galvanised steelo
  • Filter bags in anti-static material with metal support baskets
  • Backwash cleaning system composed of a compressed air tank, blowing solenoid valves, distribution tubes
    and nozzles
  • Solenoid valves electronic control unit
  • Compressed air reduction-filtration unit
  • Support platforms
  • Flanged hopper in painted steel with porthole and inspection door
  • Waste evacuation screw with gearmotor
  • Mounting accessories

Optional components

  • Cyclone pre-separator with briquetting machine coupling
  • Air shut-off valve for off-line cleaning cycle
  • Discharge air channelling sleeve
  • Controlled explosion doors (ATEX compatible)
  • Protect to detect discharge air quality

Intended applications and sectors

Jet Filter can be applied anywhere there is dust to separate and filter:

  • Textile sector
  • Nonwoven sector
  • Paper and cellulose industry
  • Diapers industry
  • Wood sector
  • Tobacco industry
  • Plastic industry

Furthermore, the system acts as an environmental safeguard both for the process machine and for separation and recovery of dust.