Strengths and Characteristics

  • Mechanical structure designed for specific applications
  • Evacuation speed can be calibrated based on the flow rate of the material to recovery
  • Adjustable pressure level
  • Possibility of coupling to presses or press-container
  • Very low fluctuation to extractions circuit
  • Separation of different materials


The system has a tangential air inlet containing the material to recover.
The air enters the perforated cone, which also contains a tapered worm screw
The material to recover is pressed against the reed valve which opposes such a resistance to allow its compacting. The transport air exits the perforated cone and is then taken again to undergo a second and finer treatment, for the purpose of recovering the dusty, airborne material.
On reaching the desired level, the valve opens and releases the material in a container.

Main parts

  • Choice of material based on the specific applications
  • Tapered worm screw for evacuation
  • Perforated cone for screw containment
  • Reed valve
  • Control and testing system for system operation
  • Machine management electric box

Intended applications and sectors

Wherever the need arises to recover and evacuate material recovered from pre-filtration or similar activities.

  • Vehicle compartment
  • Construction/insulating materials industry
  • Paper and printing industry
  • Dust removal technology
  • Fibre production
  • Chalk industry
  • Wood sector
  • Hygiene-related items department
  • Plastic industry
  • Food sector
  • Mechanical and plant design engineering
  • Nonwoven sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Textile department
  • Packaging industry
  • Cellulose industry