Strengths and Characteristics

  • Extreme solidity of components
  • Resistance to compression
  • Rotation transmission hold
  • Stability against longitudinal movements
  • Rotation transmission
  • Compact case
  • Optimal maintenance access
  • Use of anti-static filtering media
  • Reduced dimensions
  • High empty-full ratio of the filtering medium support drum
  • ATEX certification

The Canalair design always takes place in utmost compliance with safety standards:


The differentiating element of the system is the rotating drum. The air enters via a series of tangential inlets at high speed (1), which allow even distribution inside filtration stage 1: the rotating drum

The polluted air passes from outside to inside the filtering membrane, separating the largest particles from the rest of the material.
The particles rest on the filtering membrane while the air flows inside the support drum of the membrane to continue towards the other static filtration stages (2).
There is a process fan downstream of the system, which guarantees negative pressure and extraction of the entire filter.
The solid material, resting on the filtering membrane is rotated by a gearmotor with inverter, is extracted by a series of tangential openings to the drum, which have the function of cleaning the various sections of the membrane.
Here, extraction is guaranteed by a series of specific fans, which allow constant negative pressure to be maintained near the openings.
The extracted air is sent to the dust recovery system which, based on the application, can be:
– Directly re-introduced on the production line
– Pre-filtered inside a cyclone for dust selection to just use a specific part of it
– Finely filtered for complete recovery of the dust, before re-introducing it in the process
The Cyber Filter PRO machinery includes the functionality testing and control system, connected to an electric box with PLC and an intuitive HMI which can be remotely operated.
Particular attention to routine and extraordinary maintenance, via the special windows and doors, completes this solution.

Main parts

  • Rotating drum (Filtration stage 1)
  • Rotating drum cleaning system
  • Static filtration stage 2
  • Static filtration stage 3
  • HEPA filtration stage
  • Process fan modulation system
  • Dust recovery system from cleaning circuit
  • Instrumentation for system testing and control
  • Electrical management box

Intended applications and sectors

  • Airlaid Production
  • Paper industry
  • Textile department
  • Nonwoven
  • Diapers production

Performance and Dimensions

Model System nominal flow rate
Cyber filter PRO 7/2 20000 mc/h
Cyber filter PRO 7/3 30000 mc/h
Cyber filter PRO 7/4 40000 mc/h
Cyber filter PRO 7/5 50000 mc/h
Cyber filter PRO 7/6 60000 mc/h
Cyber filter PRO 7/7 70000 mc/h
Cyber filter PRO 7/8 80000 mc/H
Cyber filter PRO 8/8 100000 mc/h
Cyber filter PRO 10/8 130000 mc/h