In particular, Canalair specialises in the design and manufacture of clean rooms but above all grey rooms, complying with legislation and classifiable ISO 7, ISO 8, ISO 9 and ISO 10.

Strengths and Characteristics

  • Custom design
  • Use of certified, top quality materials
  • Maintenance service

Main parts

To achieve the required performance based on definition of the various classes, the system was manufactured considering:

  • Movable panels and walls
  • False ceilings and plasterboard
  • PVC coatings
  • Resin floors
  • Panelling and technical furnishings

Intended applications and sectors

  • Filtration and micro-filtration of technological and environmental areas
  • Management and control of temperature and humidity in the environment and process
  • Balancing of environmental and process air
  • Packaging industry
  • Food sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry