Strengths and Characteristics

  • Centralised extraction system of dust and fibres
  • Arrangement of the couplings where necessary
  • Arrangement of the overhead or group couplings
  • Possibility of specific design in multiple points with simultaneous operation


The Activa cleaning system was designed based on client’s specific needs.
It is a centralised solution which, thanks to a specific extensions kit, can also reach the most critical points. Thanks to a network of channels, resistant to high depressions set by the extracting turbine, Canalair guarantees high cleaning on the line and on production machinery.

Main parts

  • Brush or extension for extraction
  • “Intelligent” connection coupling
  • Fibre and dust collection system
  • Aspiration system
  • Electrical management box

Intended applications and sectors

Activa can be used anywhere extraction is needed of dust and fibres near production lines.
This technology is mainly applied in the following sectors:

  • Textile department
  • Nonwoven industry
  • Fabric industry
  • Paper industry