Special patented system by Canalair

Dual Blade Basic – 1st generation

It is surface dust extraction technology, suitable for medium to high grammage products with an advancement speed up to 400 m/min and a working height of 500 mm to 1,500 mm.
The system includes an approach scraper in stainless steel or polyethylene and is suitable for application on reeling machines, rewinders, spooling and festooning lines.

Strengths and Characteristics

Insertion is also possible of double extraction per side (upper and lower) of the web.
Furthermore, the system is equipped with electric service fans and a filtration module and extracted dust unloading.

Dual blade EVO – 2nd Generation

The patented system is the result of applied fluid-dynamic design and includes:
• Variable pitch extraction blades
• Micro-regulation of approach and pointing
• Working height up to 5,000 mm
• Advancement speed up to 1,000 m/min
• Constant extraction for the entire working height
• Management of the approach and micro-positioning cycle coordinated with the wedge feeler gauges
The technology is applicable to every type of slitter, on analysis of the spaces available on access to the blades and their anchorage.


The Dual Blade EVO system was designed and installed to allow cleaning of dust residue caused by cutting and micro-dust from rubbing in production of every kind of nonwoven material, with particular focus on spun-bonded products.
The technology guarantees the removal of particles without any contact with the advancing fabric, thereby obtaining completely even and homogeneous height.
Dual Blade EVO is connected to the service solenoid valves using a piping network for dust transport and, then, to the filtration and waste evacuation systems.
The systems proposed by Canalair are set up to receive a module for balancing the extracted air using Dual Blade EVO and are equipped with a humidification system capable of guaranteeing a constant relative humidity value to reduce the electrostatic loads produced by rubbing of the fabric on metal parts of the machine.

Main parts

Upper Dual Blade and lower Dual Blade:
• Approach unit
• Micro-positioning unit
• Extraction system with pressure and extracted dust concentration control
• Filtration unit
• Conditioning unit for the reduction of electrostatic cells

Intended applications and sectors

  • Traditional fabrics
  • Nonwoven
    – Spun-bonded lines
    – Melt blown lines
    – Spunlace lines
    – Air laid lines
    – Mechanical needling
  • Converting lines
  • Rolling lines