Packaging & Converting

Strengths and Characteristics

  • Maintenance of constant thermo-hygrometric conditions for line production optimisation.
  • Creation of overpressure in the work environment to avoid contamination from outside (insects/dust)


Air treatment using this application is very close to a grey chamber concept, i.e. an area inside which environmental and cleaning parameters must be guaranteed adequate for the product and certification requirements that accompany it.
Therefore Canalair designs and dimensions the system using a highly efficient ventilation system with heating, cooling and humidification.
This machinery is then completed by a network of low speed diffusers to introduce conditioned air inside the work zone and, at the same time, recover the environmental air using grates and intake points in the strategic zones of the line.
This application is important to guarantee an adequate number of exchanges and recirculations and, as a result, an excellent level of cleaning away dust, micro-dust and other suspended contaminants. Therefore, the system is ideal for the food sector and hygiene-health sectors.

Main parts

  • Highly efficient ventilation systems
  • Adiabatic humidifier systems in stainless steel, saturated and high pressure without recovery of drained water (to avoid bacteriological risk)
  • Cold exchangers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Electric box complete with automation and instrumentation

Applications and intended nonwoven sectors

  • Packaging
  • Converting
  • Rolling lines
  • Cleaning Room