The NONWOEVENT event is centred on live demonstrations of innovative technological solutions and is co-organised by Futura, Oerlikon Nonwoven, Valmet and Canalair.
Participation is possible in person or from remote.

During the demonstration, you can discover Create, the revolutionary calender designed through the collaboration of Futura and Oerlikon Nonwoven and integrated with the Andromeda system, which is completely automated for steel roll management.

This radical innovation is capable of creating new opportunities and paradigms for Nonwoven:
• rapid change in pin-to-pin configuration to pin-to-flat
• greater web mass with unprecedented 3D effect
• greater softness
• premium quality product
• change in “hot” steel rolls fully automatic
• custom pattern web (change time drastically reduced to just 20 minutes)

With nonwoven experience already in the 90s and the constant search for new developments for further efficiency and quality, Valmet will offer the opportunity to get to know the In-Line Winder NW1. Participating in a personalised live demonstration, you can test an innovative, quality and efficient line:
• tension control system
• NIP and ACC control patented by Valmet
• three point torque action
• secondary support roll
• simultaneous cutting
• zero waste

Canalair, an international leader in air treatment of nonwoven machinery, will present the revolutionary “DualBlade” dust removal system:

• perfect dust removal over the entire width of the material up to 5,200 mm wide
• first in the world without any contact with the material, with application of the system on machines with a speed up to 2500 m/min without damage or contamination

It is the latest development in the high speed machinery sector.

NONWOEVENT is an exclusive event, therefore booking is advised for the individual session (in person or from remote).

We look forward to seeing you from 1 to 18 December 2020: the future of Nonwoven starts now.