The Nonwovens Industry sector magazine dedicated an article to the latest innovation by Canalair.

The ever-increasing criticality of processing dust produced by fine lines, the problems relating to textile-type dust in production environments and the resulting risks for operators and product pollution, encouraged Canalair to invest huge resources in the R&D area for the purpose of resolving these issues.

After 3 years of tests and inspections on site, Canalair, a company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial and process air treatment systems, presents to the production world the high performance surface dust recovery system, DUALBLADE®, which guarantees an 80% reduction for every extraction point.

DUALBLADE® is a counter-opposing extraction blades system, applicable on every nonwoven type and capable of maintaining efficiency even at the highest production speed. The system can be integrated both on traditional rewinders and on spooling and festooning systems.

Canalair connects the DUALBLADE® systems to plants suitable for the management and discharge of dust removed by the production system to guarantee the correct ratio between the extracted air flow rate and the ideal head for removal of dust residue, with absolutely no scratches or alterations on the surface.

Canalair ha greatly invested in industrial testing, starting by proposing a range of process air treatment solutions and also for environmental air of high interest, both in terms of quality of the product and regarding the overall production area.