The Nonwovens Industry sector magazine wrote an article on the new filtration system by Canalair.

For over 30 years, Canalair has been testing innovative systems for technological air treatment in the Airlaid process.

Canalair’s focus has always been on obtaining considerable electrical and heat savings within their designs which, by nature, have high consumption and take up ample surface space with different service equipment (static filters in particular).

The objective was finally achieved thanks to the innovative self-generating, automatic filtration system, CYBERFILTER, which reduces by 60% the spaces occupied and development of connection piping.

The dynamic filtration system allows operation at controlled pressure and allows the cleaning system to completely recover waste.

Automatic recirculation of the process air with fibre/dust/micro-dust content to separate and the availability of thermal energy to reuse offers huge benefits in terms of energy savings, resulting in a reduction in operating costs (especially on lines working non-stop).

The possibility of totally or partially recovering the air flow from the process allows optimised air flow rates, with a reduction of up to 40% compared to stoichiometric calculations to give further cost savings.

Furthermore, the Canalair systems were adapted to ATEX requirements, making the components totally safe.

Lastly, the choice of using SuperWash high performing humidification systems (designed and manufactured with materials inert to water) eliminated any risk of contamination, guaranteeing a constant and uniform hygrometric condition.