Cotton mill weaving

Strengths and Characteristics

  • Return system using pre-fabricated extractor box
  • Double adiabatic humidifier
  • Differential thermo-hygrometric condition


Canalair systems are designed to guarantee utmost production performance, attributing a precise quantity of air to each loom in the room.
Wrapping System is special technology that includes a double humidified air system:

  • On production machines
  • In monitoring zones (environment)

Where underground tunnels cannot be created, a network of extraction boxes is designed, placed directly under each loom.
This solution allows maximum production performance to be obtained and guarantee liveable environmental conditions. If compared to a traditional system, this one foresees an overall air flow rate under 30% with a proportional reduction in investment and management costs.

Main parts

  • High performance axial supply fans
  • Centrifugal return fans
  • Air washer in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Water filter in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Humidification pump with inverter
  • Self-cleaning automatic filter
  • Automatic unloading dust collection system (Jet Filter)
  • Siemens electronic system management system
  • Siemens electrical components

Intended applications and sectors

  • Cotton mill weaving
  • Woollen mill weaving